How to Find Magic Mushroom Shop in Canada

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Magic Mushroom Canada

According to the most recent surveys, about a third of Canadians suffer from mental health issues. About 23% say they suffer from depression. Many others suffer from other diseases. A good number of these people are turning to magic mushrooms for help. They’re obtaining these products from dispensaries, so there’s a need for more of these dispensaries in Canada. Magic maps is the best Magic Mushroom Directory in Canada, and it’s looking for more stores that sell various brands of magic mushrooms to promote.

Why the Need for Magic Mushroom Dispensaries?

You know that magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada. But here’s something you may not have known. You can take magic mushrooms if you have a severe illness like bad depression or terminal cancer. You’ll need to get permission from a health professional first.

More Canadians are taking magic mushrooms for various ailments. Since magic mushrooms can have serious side effects, they must take the safe brands and be well informed beforehand. lists those stores that sell safe and reputable products.

The Role of a Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Canada currently lists one store in Vancouver, British Colombia. It seems to be joining the growing number of dispensaries and stores that have set up shop in British Colombia in recent years to sell or list stores that sell magic mushrooms.

Vancouver itself has four more magic mushroom dispensaries and shops that do business. The owners don’t seem to care that selling the brands is still illegal in Canada, though most hope that the government will legalize magic shrooms in the future.

If you were wondering why the police don’t know about and crack down on these shops and dispensaries, here’s your answer.  The  Vancouver police know about them but ignore them because they have more significant issues to take care of. However, that may change in the future.

The Canadian Government and Public Officials are Changing their Stance.

Canada’s former health minister changed a section of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) to allow people to use substances containing psilocybin for health purposes. That occurred in 2021.

 Because magic mushrooms are still illegal in Vancouver, there are no clear guidelines regarding the acceptable ways to take them, so most people take microdoses. However, more change is looming on the horizon. Canada’s government has and is still granting many exceptions to terminally ill people. These people are allowed to use magic mushrooms to help ease their ailments and improve their mental health.

What applies to terminally ill Canadians also applies to their caretakers. The government is letting health care workers receive training on how to safely administer magic mushrooms and properly guide patients through a pschedlic trip safely and adequately.

Then there’s pressure on the government from certain nonprofit groups. One, in particular, is Therapsil. It has a reputation for helping ill people receive exemptions. Now, it’s threatening to sue the government because it perceives that the government’s process and procedure for helping people get exemptions are slow and unclear.

MagicMaps Can Help

Magic mushroom advocates predict that the number of shroom dispensaries will grow exponentially over the next decade, and that’s just in Vancouver. Canadians are also flocking to online sites and social media platforms to get their fix of magic shrooms. For example, many storefronts have popped up on Instagram in the last year alone.

These storefronts have one objective – to sell people microdoses of magic shrooms to help them get relief from depression and other mental issues. That’s where Magic Maps can help. The company is an online directory. Its goal and objective are to help people find the right magic mushroom store for them quickly and right away.

MagicMaps has strict filtering criteria because it only lets the best and most reputable magic mushroom companies advertise. All companies that advertise on the directory have fast and efficient mail order delivery services, so people will have the peace of mind that they’ll receive their products within a few days of placing the orders.

The company is 100% Canadian-owned and is obsessed with helping Canadians get the best deal on magic mushrooms.

MagicMaps is What You’ve Been Looking For

You want MagicMaps if you’re a new online store selling magic mushrooms. It can be hard to find the right customers. MagicMaps does the legwork for you by bringing the customers to you. So, what are you waiting for? Start listing your store on MagicMaps directory right now!